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Can children use tinctures?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

The number one question I get asked is if children can take tinctures too? My answer YES! They just need different dosing.

Medicinal tinctures were the primary form of medicine administration before the development of pharmacology. When a tincture is made, the herbs’ medicinal constituents are extracted into a liquid medium. Alcohol and water is strong enough to break down the plants’ cell walls and pull out the medicinal constituents. Alcohol mentruum is handy when you need a remedy to work quickly, such as to relieve a headache.

Herbs can also be extracted with glycerin and vinager, though not as strong. I offer Elderberry extracted from both alcohol and glycerin because some people are just not ready to use or are sensitive to alcohol extraction. Plus glycerin is sweet, making it more attractive to children.

*Reminder this is not medical advice!

Here is a dosage guideline for using tinctures with children ::

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